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Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOF)
in RA VI

During the recent years, the Regional Climate Outlook Forums (RCOF) have proved to be a very successful mechanism in facilitating the development of consensus-based seasonal predictions with high socio-economic potential. This mechanism has been applied in several parts of the world to reduce climate-related risks and support sustainable development (more information here).

In RA VI, the South-East European Climate Outlook Forum (SEECOF) was established in 2008. It has developed as a regular event conducted twice a year to produce climate outlooks for the Summer and Winter seasons. SEECOF sessions are conducted either as meetings or as electronic collaboration.

The XV Session of RA VI (Brussels, 2009) strongly encouraged further development of the RCOF mechanism in RA VI. Thus, a new RCOF has been proposed in 2011 to cover North-eastern part of Region VI, the Caucasian countries, and the countries in Central Asia, mostly located in Region II (Asia). This RCOF is entitled North EURASIAN Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF).












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