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South-East European Climate Outlook Forum

SEECOF –III Forum has been opened within South-east European Virtual Climate Change Centre SEEVCCC (RA VI RCC network member). All participants are included in the Forum. Your user name and password have been sent by e-mail to you. In  case of any problem in accessing the Forum, please contact us on e-mail.

The rules of the Forum are:

Forum is used for exchange of opinions, recommendations, discussions and preparation of consensus statement of SEECOF III outlook for summer season 2010. Documents should be made and sent in format MS Word 2000-2003 (doc file) and in PDF format.  Fonts Times New Roman or Ariel and paper format A4 should be used. Documents should be exchanged exclusively as attachments to e-mail on the address of the topic administrator or user address. Links are allowed to web/ftp sites that contain forecasting charts and graphic attachments.









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