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South-East European Climate Outlook Forum

The XV Session of RA VI (Brussels, 2009) strongly encouraged further development of the Regional Climate Outlook Forum (RCOF) effort in RA VI. In particular, the South-Eastern European Climate Outlook Forum (SEECOF) should be sustained after its first two successful sessions - SEECOF/1 (Croatia, June 2008) and SEECOF/2 (Hungary, November 2009).

The third session - SEECOF/3 will be the first one conducted through electronic exchange between climate experts from South-East Europe with the support of experts from some leading climate centres. SEECOF/3 will focus on the Summer season (June, July, August) of 2010. The on-line collaboration will involve three steps as explained in the documents below and the target date for preparing of the consensus statement is 28 May 2010.

  Message to participants from the Co-Chair of RA VI WG on Climate and Hydrology
  SEECOF-3 Outline

How the on-line SEECOF-III is going to work?

SEECOF-III comprises 3 steps, which all require participation through exchange of e-mails and working materials.

Step 1 deals with the qualitative verification of the SEECOF-II Winter forecast (December 2009 – Februar 2010).

Step 2 comprises an assessment of the current state of the climate including large-scale climate patterns worldwide and assessments of its likely evolution in the course of the next months.

Step 3 aims at building the consensus outlook for the Summer 2010.












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