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Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service celebrates its 90th anniversary

The history of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service (LHMS) goes back to 30 September 1921, when a Central Meteorological Station, the predecessor of the Lithuanian Hydrometeorological Service, was established by the Lithuanian Government Resolution. To mark its 90th anniversary, LHMS organized a jubileum session on 30 September 2011 in Vilnius.

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DRR/SEE Project extends the membership to European meteorological institutions

The Regional Disaster Risk Reduction Programme for South-eastern Europe (DRR/SEE), being implemented through a Project financed by the European Commission Directorate-General for Enlargement (EC DG ELARG), has supported the extension of the European Meteorological Infrastructure (EMI) towards Western Balkans. The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYR Macedonia) and Montenegro became members of EUMETNET. The FYR Macedonia successfully completed the application procedure and became ECMWF’s sixteenth Co-operating State. Bosnia and Herzegovina is also advancing its application to ECMWF and EUMETNET.

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Bulgarian NIMH marks two anniversaries

On 8 and 9 November 2010, the Bulgarian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (NIMH) marked two notable anniversaries: 120 years of the establishment of the Bulgarian Meteorological Service and 150 years of the beginning of systematic meteorological observations in Bulgaria. On this auspicious occasion, NIMH organized a 2-day celebration and invited guests from Bulgaria and abroad.

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TSMS launches a new website for the ICEED

The 10th Session of the Informal Conference of the South-East European NMHSs Directors (ICEED/10) was held in Istanbul, Turkey from 21 to 22 September 2010. The Session decided to establish a website in order to promote the ICEED activities and monitor the follow-up actions on its decisions. The Turkish State Meteorological Service (TSMS) kindly offered to host the website, which has been launched officialy in October 2010. You can access the website here.


DWD launches new website for RA VI Pilot RCC Network

The XV Session of Regional Association VI (Europe) held in Brussels, Belgium in September 2009 accorded highest priority to the establishment of a Network of Regional Climate Centres (RCC). The regional initative started with the launch of a RA VI Pilot RCC Network under the overall coordination by the German Meteorological Service (DWD). In order to promote the network and related activities, DWD launched a new website, which is accessible here.


World Bank supports Moldova

The World Bank is providing US$ 10 million to the Republic of Moldova for a Disaster and Climate Risk Management Project. The main objective of the project is to strengthen the State Hydrometeorological Service’s ability to forecast severe weather and improve Moldova’s capacity to prepare for and respond to natural disasters. The project aims to reduce Moldova’s susceptibility to natural disasters, particularly in agriculture and related sectors and diminish the country’s economic vulnerability to droughts, floods and other natural shocks.

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South-East European Climate Outlook Forum (SEECOF)

The third session - SEECOF/3 was be the first one conducted through electronic exchange between climate experts from South-East Europe with the support of experts from some leading climate centres. SEECOF/3 focused on the Summer season (June, July, August) of 2010.

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