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RA VI Working Bodies

RA VI Working Bodies - Organizational Chart

Working Body
Management Group
Rapporteur on Data Rescue
Rapporteur on Data Processing and Forecasting System
Rapporteur on EU and Partnership
Rapporteur on Information Systems and Services for eastern Europe
Rapporteur on Information Systems and Services for western Europe
R-WIS Rapporteur on WIS
TT-AGM Task Team on Agricultural Meteorology
TT-AVI Task Team on Aviation
TT-CWS Task Team on Climate Watch System
TT-DOM Task Team on Data Operations and Management
TT-HMFW Task Team on Hydrological Modeling, Forecasting and Warning
TT-MTDCF Task Team on Migration to Table Driven Code Forms
TT-RCC Task Team on Regional Climate Centres
TT-RCOF Task Team on Regional Climate Outlook Forums
TT-RDE Task Team on Radar Data Exchange
TT-RIC Task Team on Regional Instrument Centres
TT-RMDCN Task Team on the Regional Meteorological Data Communication Network
TT-ROP Task Team on the Regional Operating Plan
TT-SDMC Task Team on Service Delivery, Media and Communication
TT-SEB Task Team on Socio Economic Benefits
TT-WARN Task Team on Warning Services
TT-WIGOS Task Team on WIGOS Implementation
TT-WSD Task Team on Water Scarcity and Drought
WG-CH Working Group on Climate and Hydrology
WG-SDP Working Group on Service Delivery and Partnership
WG-TDI Working Group on Technology Development and Implementation
WMO RA VI Regional Association of Region VI (Europe)





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