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RA VI Regional Operating Plan

Following the adoption of the WMO Strategic Plan 2016-2019 by Cg-XVII in May 2015, the Regional Association VI (Europe) has continued its consultation process with RA VI Members to issue the updated

RA VI Regional Operating Plan 2016-2019
last update 22.01.2016

as its contribution to the update of the WMO Operating Plan. This issue will replace the former RA VI Regional Operating Plan 2012-2015.

The main role in the preparation and drafting of the RA VI Operating Plan was played by the Task Team on Regional Operating Plan (TT-ROP) established by the RA VI Management Group in 2015. TT-ROP worked in close collaboration with the chairpersons and co-chairpersons of the RA VI Working Groups (WG) established by the XVI Session of RA VI (September 2013, Helsinki, Finland):

  • WG on Climate and Hydrology (WG-CH)
  • WG on Service Delivery and Partnership (WG-SDP)
  • WG on Technology Development and Implementation (WG-TDI).

The Team was also supported by the WMO Secretariat and presented its draft to the 3th meeting in inter-sessional period XVI of the RA VI Management Group (April 2015, Istanbul, Turkey). The Management Group endorsed the draft plan and recommended a final round of consultation. The final version of the RA VI Operating Plan 2016-2019 was prepared in March 2016 and submitted to the RA VI President for approval.

The concept of the RA VI Operating Plan 2016-2019 includes the following main provisions:

  1. The RA VI Operating Plan is based on the WMO Strategic Plan (2016-2019) with the same eight Expected Results (ER).
  2. The regional Key Outcomes (KO) related to each of the ERs are closely related to KOs of the Secretariat RA VI Operating Plan, however, they have been refined and amended as necessary to reflect specific regional needs and priorities.
  3. Regional Key Performance Indicators (KPI) have been formulated for each of the KOs.
  4. For each KPI, one or several deliverables have been decided. These deliverables are taken from the Work Programmes of the RA VI subsidiary bodies – Working Groups and Task Teams

The RA VI Operating Plan contains concrete tasks and deliverables aimed at assisting RA VI Members to implement their national plans for further development of their NMHSs and improvement of the provision of meteorological, hydrological and climatological services for supporting their national economies and the society.

The RA VI Operating Plan is intended to be a living document regularly monitored and adjusted as necessary to meet emerging issues and priorities. The overall monitoring function is assigned to the RA VI Management Group. A major review and adjustment of the RA VI Operating Plan is envisaged immediately after the XVII Session of RA VI which will be held in 2017.

All deliverables of the RA VI Operating Plan are intended to facilitate Members in conducting their operational tasks and planning for future development. Therefore, once completed, the deliverables will be made available through appropriate means (e.g. the WMO Regional Office for Europe website) and Members will be informed accordingly.





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