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WMO Office for North, Central & West Africa

The WMO Office for North, Central and West Africa was established in December 1996 in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. In 2005 the office was relocated to Abuja, following the transfer of the administrative Capital of Nigeria from Lagos to Abuja.

The role of the Sub-regional office is to work with Members, regional institutions and development partners in strengthening capacities, for the provision of weather and climate services and water resources information, to stakeholders in climate-sensitive sectors, in contribution to enhanced socioeconomic development, disaster risk management and sustainable development.

The Abuja office represents WMO in several International and Regional institutions that include: African Union, ECOWAS, ECCAS, AMU, CEMAC, UEMOA, CILSS, ACMAD, AGRHYMET, NBA, ASECNA, LCBC, WB, FAO, WHO, AMCOW, AMCEN, ICAO, GWP, other International, Regional sub-regional organisations located in the region.

The office covers 27 countries as follows: 5 in North Africa; 15 in West Africa and 7 in Central Africa.


Office Contact:

WMO Office for North, Central and West Africa UN House Central Area District PMB 2851, Garki Abuja, Nigeria Tel: +234 929 016 47 (office) E-mail:











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