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IEDRO reaches agreement with Bolivia on Data Rescue

Climate data rescue efforts are of vital importance to developing nations, such as Bolivia. Rescuing climate data helps scientists develop more accurate climate models that will allow governments to better prepare for extreme weather conditions and avoid unnecessary devastation and loss of human lives. Click here to read more.


Tropical cyclone "Agatha" hits Middle America

Tropical cyclone "Agatha" was the first of this year's pacific hurricane season. It has caused great devastation with heavy rainfall, floods and mud slides in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Over 180 people have been killed and over 80,000 had to leave their homes. The risk of further flooding and landslides is high and many people are cut off from help. This risk is increased due to the erupting volcano, just south of Guatemala city. Rescue teams warn that the floods might increase, as volcanic ash blocks some of the water run-off.




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