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Fourth Technical Conference on Management of Meteorological and Hydrological Services in Asia

- Weather, Climate and Water Services for Secure and Sustainable Living -

Islamabad, Pakistan, 5-9 February 2007


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General Information

  • General introduction (WMO)

Keynote Lecture

  • Weather, water, climate and sustinable development: The role of WMO (WMO Secretary-General)

Topic I
Social and Economic Benefits of Weather, Climate and Water Services

  • Meteorological services - how to maximize the benefits to the community (Australia)
  • Economic benefits of meteorological and hydrological services- Pakistan Case (Pakistan)
  • National and regional perspectives of socio-economic benefits of weather, climate and water services (Kuwait)
  • Socio-economic benefits of meteorological services (China)
  • Socio-economic benefits of weather, climate and water services (Mongolia)

Topic II
New Initiatives for Observations: WMO Integrated Observing System (IOS) and the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS)

  • GEOSS and the capacity building of NMHSs in RA II (Bahrain)
  • KMA Integrated Observing System (IOS) for better meteorological services (Republic of Korea)

Topic III
WMO Information System (WIS) and Use of Information and Communication Technology

  • WMO Information System (WIS) as a single coordinated global infrastructure (Japan)
  • The WMO Information System: Opportunities and challenges for NMHSs (China)
  • Portable Station Value Verification Package for Regional High Resolution Models (ORMVERIF) (Oman)

Topic IV
Strengthening NMHSs to Provide Accurate and Timely Information to End-users

  • Be relevant and effective - thinking beyond accuracy and timeliness (Hong Kong, China)
  • Recent progress in providing accurate, timely and user-oriented meteorological information (Japan)
  • The challenges to develop a new paradigm for forecasting services - Digital Forecast System (Republic of Korea)
  • Flood forecasting and warning systems in Pakistan (Pakistan)
  • Strengthening of Weather Forecasting Division to provide accurate forecasts and early warning (Nepal)

Topic V
Role of NMHSs in Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Risk assessment and management for natural disaster and mitigation (Iran, Islamic Republic of)
  • Role of Bangladesh Meteorological Department in disaster risk reduction (Bangladesh)
  • Disaster risk reduction through people centered multi-hazard early warning system in the context of Maldives (Maldives)
  • Role of Sri Lanka Meteorological Service in disaster risk reduction (Sri Lanka)
  • Integrated Telemetering Data for disaster risk reduction over Thailand (Thailand)
  • The role of NMHS Viet Nam in disaster risk reduction (Viet Nam)

Topic VI
Strategy for Sustainable Development of NMHSs

  • Mainstreaming NMHSs activities into sustainable development processes in developing countries (WMO)
  • Enhancement ability of meteorological services through operation and technical system reform of China (China)
  • Strategy for supporting sustainable development of NMHSs by Japan (Japan)
  • SAARC Meteorological Research Center (SMRC) and its future plans (SMRC)
  • Strengthening of the Bahrain Meteorological Service (BMS) (Bahrain)




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