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Regional Seminar on Strategic Capacity Development of NMHSs in RA II


Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 3-4 December 2008


Topic 1: National Strategic Plans and Challenges of NMHSs in RA II (including Regional Strategic Plan and Quality Management System)

  • RA II Strategic Plan for Enhancement of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in Regional Association II (Asia)
    by Dr Tokiyoshi TOYA (WMO) & Dr Boon-ying LEE (Hong Kong, China)
  • Iraq Meteorological Service - The Challenge of Rebuilding
    by Dr Dawood MAHMOOD (Iraq)
  • Implementation of Quality Management System in Bahrain Meteorological Service
    by Mr Khalid Hussain YASEEN (Bahrain)
  • Use of Cost-benefit Analysis in Strengthening NMHSs
    by Mr Vladimir TSIRKUNOV (World Bank)
  • International Advisers (INTAD) Network for improving NMHSs in RA II
    by Dr Jae-Cheol NAM (Republic of Korea)
  • Priorities in the Field of Hydrology and Water Management in the CIS Countries of the Central Asian Region
    Dr Jeanna BALONISHNIKOVA (Russian Federation)

Topic 2: Emerging Technologies in Meteorology

  • Challenges to develop a New Paradigm for Forecasting Services: Digital (Village) Forecast System
    by Ms Joo-Young CHO (Republic of Korea)
  • Opportunities and Challenges of NMHSs in Aviation Weather Service Provision in the 21st Century
    by Mr Chi-ming SHUN (Hong Kong, China)
  • Use of Emerging Technologies in Meteorology
    by Mr Antonio VISEU (Macao, China)
  • Meteorological Services for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
    by Mr CHEN Zhenlin (China)
  • Recent Experience in the Provision of Weather Service using GIS in Hong Kong, China
    by Dr Boon-ying LEE (Hong Kong, China)
  • Korean Meteorological Satellite (COMS): New Opportunity for Disaster Risk Reduction
    by Ms Kum-Lan KIM (Republic of Korea)

Topic 3: Disaster Risk Reduction

  • Protecting People against Natural Disasters
    by Dr Boon-ying LEE (Hong Kong, China)
  • Mitigation of Weather-related Disasters
    by Mr Naoyuki HASEGAWA (Japan)
  • Modelling Frost Risk in Apple Tree, Iran
    by Dr Mohammad RAHIMI (Islamic Republic of Iran)
  • Upgrading Hydrological Services in Nepal for the Management of Water Induced Disasters
    by Dr Keshav SHARMA (Nepal)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
    by Mr G.H.P. DHARMARATNA (Sri Lanka)
  • Disaster Risk Reduction
    by Mr Anvar HOMIDOV (Tajikistan)
  • Recent Development of the Hydrometeorological Service of Viet Nam for Disaster Risk Reduction
    by Mr TRAN VAN SAP (Viet Nam)

Topic 4: Socio-economic Benefits of Weather, Climate and Water Services

  • International Water Expedition on Lake Khovsgol-River Selenga-Lake Baikal
    by Dr Eldev-Ochir ERDENEBAT(Mongolia)
  • Capacity Building in NMHSs with Special Reference to Agrometeorological Services and Disaster Management
    by Dr Ajit TYAGI (India)
  • Socio-economic Benefits of Weather, Water and Climate Services: Pakistan Case Study
    by Dr Qamar-uz-Zaman CHAUDHRY (Pakistan)





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