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Fifth session of the WMO RA V Management Group
(20 - 22 September 2010, Citeko, Indonesia)


Information: INF.1 Information Note for Participants

Document: Doc.1 Provisional Agenda
  Doc.2 Matters arising from the MG-4 session
  Doc.3.1(1) RA V Strategic Operating Plan (SOP), 2012-2015 (pdf)
RA V Strategic Operating Plan (SOP), 2012-2015
  Doc.3.1(2) Draft RA V Survey Questionnaire (pdf)
Draft RA V Survey Questionnaire
  Doc.3.2(1) Working Mechanism of the Association
  Doc.3.3 Regional Seminar
  Doc.4 Activities of Regional Office and WMO Office for the South-West Pacific



RA V Strategic Plan 2010-2011
  BM.3.1(2) Preliminary draft RA V SOP 2012-2015
  BM.3.2(1) Adopted Resolutions
  BM.5 Decisions by EC-LXII

Reference:   Draft Abridged Final Report of XV-RA V


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