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Regional Seminar on Climate Services in Regional Association V

Honiara, Solomon Islands, 1-4 November 2011




Opening Ceremony

  • Welcome Address (Mr Chanel Iroi, PR of Solomon Islands with WMO)
  • Opening Remarks (Dr Sri Woro B. Harijono, President of RA V)
  • Opening Remarks (Mr Robert O. Masters, WMO Representative)
  • Opening Address (Hon. John Moffat Fugui, Minister of Environment, Solomon Islands)


Session 1 - Climate Information and Prediction


Session 2 - Climate Observing Systems and Data


Session 3 - Requirements for Climate Sensitive Sectors

Session 4 - Climate Services at National Level


Session 5 - Cascading Global and Regional Climate Information to National Level


Session 6 - Gaps and Opportunities for Climate Services in RA V

Session 7 - Partnership, Capacity Building and Resource Mobilization






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