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Region II (Asia)

The Asia Region covers a vast expanse of the Indian Ocean and part of the Pacific Ocean and contains a large and diverse range of ecosystems, including deserts, forests, rivers, lakes and seas. The desert extends from east to west, encompassing Central and western Asia. It has two of the world's most populated countries, China and India and also includes nine Least Developed Countries. Compared to other WMO Regions, the Asia Region includes the highest mountains, the rainiest areas and the driest deserts, with their associated variation in culture and biodiversity. 

The major challenges to the development of this region include mitigation of natural and environmental disasters, climate change and variability, water management, water resources management, land use and land degradation, energy availability, poverty alleviation and conservation of biodiversity. Weather, climate and water observations are required to address these issues, which are of relevance for the present social and economic development as well as for that of future generations.

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