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Region V (South-West Pacific)

The Region covers the vast expanse of the South-West Pacific Ocean but also includes adjacent oceanic areas north of the Equator as well as eastern parts of the Indian Ocean. The countries that comprise the Regional Association are diverse in many respects: culturally, economically, biologically, geographically and climatologically.

The climate and weather-related hazards that most frequently occur in the Region are tropical cyclones and associated storm surges, floods, landslides, severe thunderstorms, wildfires and drought. Typhoons forming over the equatorial northwest Pacific Ocean frequently impact the Philippines, making it one of the most tropical cyclone prone areas on the planet. Few countries in the Region are immune from tropical cyclone impact. Drought can affect any country within RA V from the tropics to the mid-latitudes. Other threats linked with global warming include sea-level rise (of great significance in a region dominated by ocean) and increased wildfire occurrence. The Region contains significant geological instability that can result in devastating tsunami events as occurred in December 2004 in Indonesia as well as hazard to aviation through volcanic ash intrusions into the atmosphere.


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