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Subsidiary Bodies of RA II

RA II Working Structure (201202015)


Working Group on Weather Services (WGWS)

RA II-15 Resolution on WGWS (including ToR)

Membership of WGWS



Working Group on Climate Services (WGCS)

RA II-15 Resolution on WGCS (including ToR)

Membership of WGCS



Working Group on Hydrological Services (WGHS)

RA II-15 Resolution on WGHS (including ToR)

Membership of WGHS



Working Group on WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WIGOS) and WMO Information System (WIS) (WG-WIGOS/WIS)

RA II-15 Resolution on WG-WIGOS/WIS (including ToR)

Membership of WG-WIGOS/WIS



Implimentation Coordination Team on Service Delivery (ICT-SD)

RA II-15 Resolution on ICT-SD (including ToR)

Membership of ICT-SD



Implimentation Coordination Team on Disaster Risk Reduction (ICT-DRR)

RA II-15 Resolution on ICT-DRR (including ToR)

Membership of ICT-DRR



* Full RA II-15 Resolutions on WGs and ICTs



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