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Subsidiary Bodies of RA II

Working Groups, Sub-groups and Management Group


Working Group on WMO Integrated Observing System and WMO Information System (WG-IOS/WIS)

Terms of Reference of WG/SG-IOS/WIS
Dr A. Mahmood (Pakistan) Chairperson of WG-IOS/WIS
Dr O. Lee (Republic of Korea) member of WG-IOS/WIS
Ms A. Gavrilov (Russian Federation) member of WG-IOS/WIS
Mr Chen Yongqing (China) member of WG-IOS/WIS
Mr L. S. Lee (Hong Kong, China) member of WG-IOS/WIS
Sub-group on Integrated Observing System (SG-IOS)
Dr F. Mohammadi (Islamic Republic of Iran) Coordinator of SG-IOS
Mr M.R. Ranalkar (India) Theme Leader in the Surface-based sub-system of the GOS
Mr Y. Takatsuki (Japan) Theme Leader in Marine Observations
Mr M.K. Batnagar (India) Theme Leader in Aircraft Observations
- Theme Leader in Climate Observations
Dr S. Gromov (Russian Federation) Theme Leader in GAW Observations
Mr T. Kobuchi (Japan) Theme Leader in Instrument Development
Mr A.K. Sharma (India) Theme Leader in the Space-based sub-system of the GOS
Ms E. Farman (Islamic Republic of Iran) Theme Leader in WIGOS
Mr D.-I. Lee (Republic of Korea) Theme Leader in the GEOSS
Sub-group on WMO Information System (SG-WIS)
Mr H. Ichijo (Japan) Coordinator of SG-WIS
Mr A.H. Khan (Pakistan) Theme Leader in Data Communication Techniques and Structure
Mr A. Nakamori (Japan) Theme Leader in Data Representation and Metadata
Mr N.K. Pangasa (India) Theme Leader in WIS-GTS Operations, including Early Warning
Dr V. Shaymardanov (Russian Federation) Theme Leader in Climate Data Management/Data Rescue
Mr Ran Mao-Nong (China) Theme Leader in IGDDS
Ms Li Xiang (China) Theme Leader in Regional WIS Requirements


Working Group on Climate Services, Adaptation and Agrometeorology (WGCAA)

Terms of Reference of WGCAA

Dr Zhai Panmao (China) Chairperson of WGCAA
Sub-group on Climate Applications and Services (WGCAA-CAS)
Dr K. Takano (Japan) Coordinator
Dr I.-C. Shin (Republic of Korea) Theme Leader in Climate Applications and User Liaison
Dr V. Kryzhov (Russian Federation) Theme Leader in CLIPS including RCCs and RCOFs
Dr T. Spektorman (Uzbekistan) Theme Leader in Climate Monitoring, Climate Watch and Climate Change
Dr M. Habibi (Islamic Republic of Iran) Theme Leader in Climate Research
Sub-group on Agrometeorology (WGCAA-AgM)
Dr G. Rasul (Pakistan) Coordinator
Dr N. Chattopadhyay (India) Theme Leader in Forecasting and Assessment of Crop and Soil Conditions
Prof. L. Gringof (Russian Federation) Theme Leader in Agrometeorological Information for enhancing Grassland Productivity
Dr S. Bazgir (Islamic Republic of Iran) Theme Leader in Coping with Impacts of Natural Disasters on Agriculture
Dr MAO Liuxi (China) Theme Leader in Use of Improved Tools for Operational Agrometeorology


Working Group on Hydrological Forecasts and Assessments (WGH)

Terms of Reference of WGH

Dr S. Kim (Republic of Korea) Chairperson of WGH and Hydrological Advisor to the president
- Vice-Chairperson of WGH
Dr Dang Ngoc Tinh (Viet Nam) Theme Leader in Improving Institutional Capacity
Ms Zhou Li (China) Theme Leader in Disaster Mitigation - Implementation of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative
Dr Ali.K. Kadhum (Iraq) Theme Leader in Disaster Management – Hydrological Aspects of Drought
Dr S. Kim (Republic of Korea) Theme Leader in Water Resources Assessment, Availability and Use and Sedimentation in Rivers and Reservoirs
Dr A. Fatahi (Islamic Republic of Iran) Theme Leader in Improved Accuracy of Hydrometric and Sediment Observations
Dr S. Myagkov (Uzbekistan) Theme Leader in Hydrological Responses to Climate Variability and Change
Mr A. Homidov (Tajikistan) Theme Leader in Regional Exchange of Hydrological Data and Information


Working Group on Disaster Risk Reduction and Service Delivery (WGDRS)

Terms of Reference of WGDRS-DRR/SD/AeM

Mr E.S.T. Lai (Hong Kong, China) Chairperson of WGDRS
Sub-group on Disaster Risk Reduction (WGDRS-DRR)
Dr O. Ustinova (Russian Federation) Coordinator of WGDRS-DRR
Dr J.-C. Nam (Republic of Korea) Theme Leader in Climate Disaster Risk Reduction
Ms N. Agantseva (Uzbekistan) Theme Leader in Hydrology Disaster Risk Reduction
Mr M. Mir (Pakistan) Theme Leader in Early Warning and Nowcasting
Sub-group on Service Delivery (WGDRS-SD)
Mr A. Vazifeh (Islamic Republic of Iran) Coordinator of WGDRS-SD
Dr Qian Chuanhai (China) Theme Leader in Regional Marine Meteorological and Oceanographic Services
Dr A. Likahov (Russian Federation) Theme Leader in Public Weather Services
Mr Y. Honda (Japan) Theme Leader in Numerical Weather Prediction Systems and Products
Dr T. Nakazawa (Japan) Theme Leader in WWRP-THORPEX
Sub-group on Aeronautical Meteorological Services (WGDRS-AeM)
Mr S.C. Bhan (India) Coordinator of WGDRS-AeM
Ms M. Petrova (Russian Federation) Theme Leader in Quality Management and Training
Ms S.M.K. Song (Hong Kong, China) Theme Leader in Capacity Building and AeM Pilot Projects
Mr J. Ryuzaki (Japan) Theme Leader in MET support for ATM and New Terminal Forecast
Mr Sarfaraz (Pakistan) Theme Leader in Customer Relations and Partnership


Management Group (MG)

Terms of Reference of MG

The president (Chairperson) with vice-president and three Directors of NMHSs and, as appropriate, other Directors of NMHSs and chairpersons of RA II working groups, to be invited by the president for each session.




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