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Expected results

Functions of the Department

Under the Strategic Thrusts 2 and 4 the Department Implements programme activities towards achieving the Expected Results 7 and 9.

The Department manages the following programmes:

The Department has overall responsibility for the delivery of Expected Result 9.

The Department is responsible for supporting the six regional associations, EC Working Group on Capacity Building and EC Panel of Experts on Education and Training.

Resource Mobilization Office (RMO)

Resource mobilization, coordination of VCP, support and monitoring of technical cooperation activities

Office for the LDC Programme and Regional Coordination (LDCR)

LDC Programme, country profile database, coordination of Regional Programme

Regional Offices

Implementation of technical cooperation activities in respective regions. Supporting regional associations

Education and Training Office (ETR)



Training Activities Division (TRA) Human resources development and training activities
Education and Fellowships Division (FEL) Education and training fellowships




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