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Emergency Assistance Fund (EAF)

The WMO "Emergency Assistance Fund" was established in 1991 to assist Members affected by disasters to immediately re-instate basic services including rehabilitation and restoration of essential observing network, data collection and processing facilities. It also assists in international data and weather information products exchange in cases where disasters have destroyed or severely disabled the meteorological and/or hydrological infrastructure.

Emergency assistance under this scheme is provided through voluntary contributions from WMO members, in direct cash contribution to the fund or a specific incident, or in kind through technology transfer or provision of expertise and information products. WMO welcomes the participation of the private sector and in particular Hydrometeorological Instrument manufacturers in this process.


On-going projects


Pakistan: Restoration of ten meteorological observatories and ten automatic weather stations in flood affected areas of Pakistan.



Haiti: The World Meteorological Organization is taking various actions aimed at assisting the government of Haiti in building a National Meteorological and Hydrological Service able to provide basic weather and climate services and information to  the population as well as to the UN system and international organizations helping in the reconstruction of Haiti.

In the light of the current situation in Haiti and the rainy and hurricane seasons approaching, WMO is preparing a plan to coordinate the assistance offered to Haiti by several  country Members (USA, Canada, Finland, France, United Kingdom, D. Republic, Japan, Cuba) which includes weather information tailored for  Haiti, seconded experts, equipment, technical assistance and others.

Also, WMO’s assistance includes an assessment mission to Haiti carried out from 4 to 10 April 2010 aimed at identifying the most urgent needs in terms of equipment, communications, technical assistance, training and logistics needed to put in operation a basic Meteorological Service. This assessment mission includes also the preparation of a project for the development of the NMHS of Haiti in the medium-long term.



Past projects



Tonga: Restoration of fully destroyed Niuatoputapu Meteorological Station and upgrade earthquake and tsunami Early Warning System. Support received from  NOAA/NWS, VCP Emergency Assistance Fund and New Zealand collaborating in project implementation.



Mauritius: WMO Expert Team Mission completed a successful mission in Mauritius on 19-23 May 2008.  The Team met with high level officials including the Prime Minister of the Republic of Mauritius. The Team made detailed review of the structure and operations of the Mauritius Meteorological Services.

Bangladesh: Requested for emergency assistance following the severe floods by Cyclone SIDR.  Following the circulation of the list of priority instruments for emergency assistance among potential donor Members, positive responses were received from France and UK for financial support to purchase some priority instruments and equipment. This has been augmented by funds for from the EAF and a full support package is being implemented.

Myanmar:  Assistance to NMHS of Myanmar after the Cyclone Nargis. WMO sent a field mission team from 15 - 18 May 2008 to Yangon to assess the needs of the NMHS.  A list of priority assistance in the short and immediate terms was developed. Australia and Japan made cash contributions, and China donated equipment. WMO is now proceeding with actions for assistance to DMH in rebuilding essential meteorological infrastructure and services.  For short-term training requirements, WMO has been able to facilitate the participation of DMH staff in a series of upcoming events.

Zambia: Replacement of hydrological monitoring equipment following major flooding in early 2008.




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