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Strengthening Regional Cooperation to Support Forecasting with Multi-Hazard Approach in RA IV

George Town, Cayman Islands

7 March, 2011


Last update 11 April 2011

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Presentations of the Sessions
Session 2
Background and Review of Major Hazards and Forecasting Capacities

Overview of the DRR initiatives in Central America and the Caribbean
– Maryam Golnaraghi, WMO

Objectives and structure of the Technical Meeting
– Peter Chen, WMO

Regional cooperation in forecasting - lessons learned from regional cooperation in the WMO Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project (SWFDP) in other regions and Tropical Cyclone Cooperation in RA IV


- Peter Chen, WMO

- Bill Read, Chairman of the Wmo RA IV Hurricane Committee

Outcomes of consultations in RA IV pertaining to priority meteorological, hydrological and marine-related hazards and needs for forecasting capacity development
- Juan Carlos Fallas Sojo – Chair of WMO RA IV DRR Task Team
Session 3
Review of Latest Forecasting Capacities, Tools and Technologies for Meteorological, Hydrological And Marine-Related Hazards
Latest meteorological tools and technologies for forecasting severe weather and other meteolrogical conditions (e.g. tropical cyclones, heavy rainfall, high winds)
- Jean Noel Degrace, Météo-France
Latest tools and technologies for forecasting hydrological hazards (e.g. flash flooding, riverine flooding)
- W. Jubach, Hydrologic Research Center
Latest tools and technologies for forecasting marine and coastal hazards (e.g. storm surge, costal inundation, high impact oceanic swells
- Daniel Brown, U.S. National Weather Service
Session 4
Global and regional centres and other institutions that could contribute to the development of technical forecasting capacities in RA IV
Technical capacities, forecast and satellite products and services available through USA Centers (RSMC-Miami Hurricane Center, NCEP, satellite data and products such as for heavy precipitation estimation, etc)
- Bill Read, Chairman of the Wmo RA IV Hurricane Committee
Technical capacities, forecast and satellite products and services available through Météo-France and ECMWF
- Jean Noel Degrace by Météo-France
Technical capacities, training,  products and services available through CIMH
  – Dr. David Farrell  

Requirements for various observations for real-time monitoring and forecasting of priority hazards through various platforms and synergies across existing projects (e.g., Carib HYCOS, CARIB WIGOS)  to support nowcasting and forecasting of various hazards


Radar Observations in The Caribbean - Tyrone Sutherland, CMO

WIGOS/CBS - Fred Branski President of CBS

Carib-Hycos - Gabriel Arduino, WMO

ICG Tsunami Early Warning Systems for the Caribbean and Adjacent Seas
– Rafael Mojica
Session 5

Regional Capacities of NMHS in forecasting of priority hazards (Results of the Questionnaire) and Discussion

Meteorological outcomes of the questionnaire
- Peter Chen
Hydrologicial outcomes of the questionnaire
- Gabriel Arduino, WMO

Marine/Ocean outcomes of the questionnaire
- Jose Rubiera

Outcomes of the storm surge workshop in Dominican Republic
- Jose Rubiera

Proposal in support of DRR and Multi-Hazard EWS
– Dr. Albert Marti (Chair of Caribbean DRR sub-task team)
- Mr. Juan Carlos Fallas (Chair of the RA IV DRR task team and sub-task team on Central America)

Background Documents
Website National Disaster Coordinators and Meteorologists Dialogue Advancing Multi-Hazards Early Warning Systems in the Caribbean, Montego Bay, Jamaica, 6 Dec 2010 htm
Website Technical Cooperation Workshop for the Development of the Caribbean Regional Cooperation Programme in Multi-Hazard Early Warning System in Christ Church , Barbados, 2 -5 Nov 2010 htm
Website Training Workshop on Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems with focus on Institutional Partnerships and Coordination in San Jose , Costa Rica, 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2010 htm

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Information Note for Participants


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