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WMO Activities at the Understanding Risk Forum 2014

( 30 June - 4 July 2014, London, UK)

Website: https://www.understandrisk.org/UR2014

The Understanding Risk Forum 2014 (UR Forum 2014) is the leading international conference, convening the global community of experts and practitioners in the field of disaster risk assessment. This event is convened every two years by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) of the World Bank to showcase best practices and the latest technical advances in disaster risk assessment and modelling. The UR Forum provides organizations with the opportunity to highlight new activities and initiatives, build new partnerships, and foster advances in the field of risk analysis.

Specifically, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) as part of its Disaster Risk Reduction Work Plan (2012-2015), approved by the 16th Session of WMO Congress (Cg-XVI) and 64th Session of its Executive Council (EC-64), is working through its technical commissions and programmes to develop WMO guidelines, recommended practices and standards for meteorological-, hydrological-, marine- and climate-related hazard monitoring and analysis to support loss and damage data collection and risk modelling. Furthermore, EC-64 and EC-65 endorsed the establishment of the DRR User-Interface Expert Advisory Group on Hazard/Risk Analysis (UI-EAG Hazard/Risk) to guide the work of WMO pertaining to user requirements in this area. The UI-EAG Hazard/Risk would be formally established later in 2014, comprised of leading experts in loss and damage data collection and risk modelling. As part of the process WMO is hosting two events at the UR Forum 2014, including:

1) A techical panel on “Innovation in Forward Looking Hazard Modelling” engaging a number of technical experts from WMO technical commissions and technical programmes (2 July, 2014 at ExCel London Center);

2) The Second WMO User Workshop on “Requirements for Meteorological, Hydrological and Climate Services to Support Loss and Damage Data Collection and Risk Modelling” on 3 July at the University College London (by invitation only), in preparation for the establishment of the WMO User-Interface - Expert Advisory Group on Hazard Risk Analysis (UI-EAG Hazard/Risk). This Workshop will include experts from leading agencies involved in disaster risk reduction and loss and damage collection and includes presentations and discussions on the need for services in this community.

Links to the events the presentations:

Technical Session at UR 2014: “Back to the Future” Innovation in Forward Looking Hazard Modelling

WMO User Workshop: “Requirements for Weather, Climate and Hydrological Services to Support Loss and Damage Data Collection and Risk Modelling ”





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