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International Disaster Reduction Conference (IDRC)

27 August - 1 September 2006, Davos, Switzerland

The International Disaster Reduction Conference (IDRC) will be held in Davos from 27 August to 1 September 2006. This event is jointly organized by Global Alliance for Disaster Reduction (GADR), Global Disaster Information Network (GDIN), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN/ISDR). Up to 1,000 participants are expected to attend.

List of WMO activities at IDRC:

Schedule & location Title Hosted by Details, speakers
28 August (13:15-15:15) Multi-Hazard Management Perspectives on River Basins WMO-HWR and SLF Chairperson and keynote speaker: Mr Avinash C. Tyagi, Director of Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (WMO-HWR)
This Special Session will address the increasingly complex interaction and required institutional response between various hazards such as floods, droughts, or small-scale hydrological hazards. The Session includes four presentations:
1) Institutional integration of multiple natural hazards in Switzerland (Dr Armin Petrascheck);
2) Common Trends in Early Warning Systems for Snow Avalanche and Small Scale Hydrological Hazards (Dr Jakob Rhyner, SLF);
3) Transboundary action for Flood Management in an International River Basin (Dr Lammersen, German-Dutch Working Group on Floods);
4) An overview of the IJC's efforts in multi-hazard management of transboundary and boundary waters (Dr Paul Pilon, International Joint Commission US/Canada).
The Session is convened by Mr Avinash C. Tyagi (WMO-HWR) and co-convened by Dr Jakob Rhyner (SLF)
30 August (9:15-10:45) Environment and Disaster Management (Plenary) IDRC Speaker: Dr Wolfgang Grabs
During this meeting, Dr Grabs would give a 15-minute overview of capacities through WMO Networks and Programmes in support of environmental risk management, specifically related to
1) Stratospheric ozone depletion
2) Anthropogenic tropospheric ozone
3) Airborne pollution
4) Forest fires
5) Dust and sand storms
30 August (11:15-12:45) Environment and Disaster Management CEMAGREF and IUCN Speaker: Mr Avinash C. Tyagi, Director of Hydrology and Water Resources Programme (WMO-HWR)
Mr Tyagi will present on "Environmental Aspects of Flood Management"
30 August (16:30-18:00) Meeting of the UN ISDR-IATF Working Group on Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction ISDR Participant: Dr Wolfgang Grabs
The aim of this meeting is to formulate recommendations for priority actions to the ISDR System, related to environment and disaster risk management.
31 August (14:00-16:00) Hazard communities contributions to the GEO Disasters GEO Speaker: Dr Wolfgang Grabs
WMO will present capacities, gaps and needs in managing risks associated with weather-, water- and climate-related hazards.

WMO exhibition booth

WMO will hold a booth to display and share disaster risk reduction-related publications. A CD has been developed specifically to distribute electronic copies of disaster risk reduction-related publications during this event.

For more information about the conference, please refer to IDRC website.

For more information about WMO's contribution to IDRC, please contact:

Dr Maryam Golnaraghi
Chief, Natural Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Programme
World Meteorological Organization
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Tel: + 41-(0) 22-730-8006
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