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The Caribbean Project: Assessment Phase

During 2010–2011, WMO (including its Members and WMO RA IV), with support from regional and international partners, conducted a comprehensive assessment of the institutional and technical capacities and needs of the Caribbean region to support Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems (MHEWS) and risk assessment. The outcomes of this assessment are presented in this Report. They provide the foundation for future capacity development projects and for the improvement of existing capacities, and a support for other projects and developments in the region.


Methodology and specific topics considered for the assessment
A systematic approach was adopted by WMO to assess the capacities, gaps and needs in risk assessment and MHEWS, particularly with respect to the provision of information and services for meteorological, hydrological and climate-related hazards in the Caribbean. The assessment involved a systematic analysis of critical partnerships and cooperation of National Meterological Services (NMSs) within the national and regional institutional frameworks in DRR. It evaluated the processes for the development and provision of critical products and services for meteorological, hydrological and climate-related hazards to support risk assessment, MHEWS, sectoral planning and financial risk transfer markets to reduce and manage risks for the protection of the lives and livelihoods of people. The study also considered the core capacities of NMSs, as well as the operational cooperation between NMSs and other technical agencies and centres at the national, regional and international levels.

Consultation Meetings and Workshops related to the Caribbean assessment
Following a regional MHEWS workshop in Costa Rica, the assessment report "Strengthening of Risk Assessment and Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems for Meteorological, Hydrological and Climate Hazards in the Caribbean" was developed and refined through a series of thematic workshops and high level consultation meetings held in the Caribbean region that engaged key Caribbean stakeholders including decision makers from NMS, Disaster Risk Management (DRM) authorities and regional institutions along with relevant international organizations and donors. The following table is a list of meetings that contributed to the Assessment Phase, with links to the meeting websites and final reports:




Final Report

Special Session on Disaster Risk Reduction and Early Warning Dissemination and Communication Issues in central America and the Caribbean

Miami, USA

1 April 2011

Strengthening Regional Cooperation to Support Forecasting with Multi-Hazard Approach in RA IV

George Town, Cayman Islands

7 March 2011


National Disaster Coordinators and Meteorologists Dialogue Advancing Multi-Hazards Early Warning Systems in the Caribbean

Montego Bay, Jamaica

6 December 2010


Technical Cooperation Workshop for the Development of the Caribbean Regional Cooperation Programme in Multi-Hazard Early Warning System

Christ Church, Barbados

2-5 November 2010


22 national visits, engaging coordinated meetings with directors of DRM agencies, directors of NMSs and representatives of the hydrological institution or water resource authority in each country/territory.

Caribbean Region


Training Workshop on Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems with focus on Institutional Partnerships and Coordination (RA IV)

San Jose , Costa Rica

22-26 March 2010











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