AOPC Working Group on the GCOS Reference Upper-air Network (WG-GRUAN)

The AOPC Working Group on GRUAN (formerly named Working Group on Atmospheric Reference Observations, WG-ARO) was established in summer 2006 in recognition of the importance of initiating reference-quality observations of atmospheric column properties, in particular temperature and water vapour, from the surface into the stratosphere to enhance the monitoring and understanding of climate variability and change. The GCOS Implementation Plan identified the establishment of a reference-quality network, now referred to as the GCOS Reference Upper-Air Network (GRUAN), as “a very high priority” for implementation by 2009. It is the Working Group’s purpose to facilitate implementation of GRUAN, liaising with other groups and national and international bodies to ensure that the network is fit for purpose, robust and has the required long-term commitment and management structures.

GCOS Reference Upper-air Network (GRUAN)