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GCOS Reports to UNFCCC and related UNFCCC decisions and conclusions



SBSTA-37 (Doha, November/December 2012)

SBSTA-36 (Bonn, June 2012)

COP-17/SBSTA-35 (Durban, December 2011)

COP-16/SBSTA-33 (Cancun, November/December 2010)

COP-15/SBSTA-31 (Copenhagen, December 2009)

SBSTA-30 (Bonn, June 2009)

COP-14/SBSTA-29 (Poznan, December 2008)

SBSTA-28 (Bonn, June 2008)

COP-13/SBSTA-27 (Bali, December 2007)

SBSTA-26 (Bonn, May 2007)

COP-12/SBSTA-25 (Nairobi, November 2006)

SBSTA-24 (Bonn, May 2006)

COP-11/SBSTA-23 (Montreal, November/December 2005)

SBSTA-22 (Bonn, May 2005)

COP-10/SBSTA-21 (Buenos Aires, December 2004)

SBSTA-20 (Bonn, May 2004)

COP-9/SBSTA-19 (Milan, December 2003)

SBSTA-18 (Bonn, June 2003)

COP-8/SBSTA-17 (New Delhi, October/November 2002)

SBSTA-16 (Bonn, June 2002)

COP-7/SBSTA-15 (Marrakesh, October/November 2001)

COP-6(II)/SBSTA-14 (Bonn, July 2001)

COP-6(I)/SBSTA-13 (The Hague, November 2000)

SBSTA-12 (Bonn, June 2000)

COP-5/SBSTA-11 (Bonn, October/November 1999)

COP-4 (Buenos Aires, October 1998)

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