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National Activities

Almost all networks, systems, data centres and analysis centres that GCOS works with and relies upon are funded, managed and operated by national entities within their own requirements, plans, procedures, standards and regulations. Needs of the UNFCCC and other users for global climate observations and products can be addressed only if plans are developed and implemented in a coordinated manner by national organizations.

Such mechanisms are usually best sustained when national coordinators or focal points are designated. Their assigned responsibility should include coordinate planning and implementation of systematic climate observing systems across the many national departments and agencies involved with their provision.

Download the brochure: "The Implementation of the Global Climate Observing System at the National Level".

GCOS National Focal Points

There are National Focal Points for GCOS and related Climatological Data in more than 130 countries. Their Terms of Reference are as follows:

National GCOS Coordinators

National Coordinators have been formally established in the following countries (Terms of Reference):

Country Contact
Australia Neil Plummer
Austria Rainer Stowasser
Belize Albert Jones
Bosnia and Herzegovina Kemal Sehbajraktarevic
Canada Michael Manore
Chile Gastòn Torres
China Zhao Datong
Croatia Kreso Pandzic
Denmark Claus Kern-Hansen
Ethopia Seid Amedie
Finland Minna Huuskonen

Klaus-Jürgen Schreiber

Stefan Rösner

Hungary Mónika Lakatos
Iran Maryam Razeh Keisami
Japan Kazuyoshi YOSHIMATSU
Mali Mamadou Diallo
Moldova Lidia Trescilo
Netherlands Gé Verver
New Zealand Jochen Schmidt
Pene Lefale
Portugal Teresa Abrantes
Russian Federation Alexandre Zaytsev
Senegal Sory Diallo
Switzerland Gabriela Seiz
Thailand Chongkolnee Yusabye
United Kingdom Simon Gilbert
USA Howard Diamond