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Introduction & background

The last twenty-five years have seen great advances in the instrumentation available for hydrometry and in the procedures and methods for the measurement of discharge. Due to several reasons, this progress has not seen a parallel development of guidance material and standards.

At its Twelfth Session (Geneva, October 2004), the Commission for Hydrology of WMO, having reached a general consensus that information on the appropriate use of this instrumentation and methodologies is direly needed, identified under the priority thematic area "Basic systems (hydrometry and hydraulics)" an activity to develop a proposal and implement a project to assess the performance of flow measurement instruments and techniques against WMO standards.

A small expert team from the Open Panel of CHy Experts (OPACHE) on Basic Systems developed a proposal, which suggested the implementation of a project with the main objective of making information on standardized test results on hydrometric instrumentation and measurement methodologies available to NHSs by providing a Web site as a forum for exchange of information among interested parties. An exploratory meeting to further develop the proposal took place in Geneva from 25-27 April 2007. The final report and the PowerPoint presentations given during the meeting can be downloaded here:

As a consequence of the meeting, the original proposal was reviewed and at its thirteenth session (Geneva, 4-12 November 2009), CHy-XIII decided to establish a Steering Committee for the project, to provide overall guidance, a role which was given to the Advisory Working Group of CHy and a Management Committee for day-to-day implementation. Please find here the terms of reference of the Management Committee. The Commission for Hydrology of WMO, through its Resolution 2 (CHy-XIII) – Project for the assessment of the performance of flow measurement instruments and techniques  decided to continue the implementation of the project and endorsed its proposed Work Plan.

The first meeting of the Management Committee took place on 18-19 November 2009 in Geneva. The final report of this meeting is available here.

The second meeting of the Management Committee took place from 10 to 12 May 2012 in Manaus, Brazil. The final report of this meeting is available here

The first Meeting of the Management Committee (2013-2016) of CHy Project for the Assessment of the Performance of Flow Measurement Instruments and Techniques (MC-1 Project X), took place from 28 to 30 October, 2013 in Geneva. The presentations given during the meeting are available here.



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