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Regional Association II Working Group on Hydrological Services

Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, 14-16 April 2015


Final Report


Background Material

Doc Ref Title
INF 1 Information note for participants
INF 2 Regional Process Session of 7th World Water Forum 2015
Doc. 1 Draft meeting agenda



WGHS meeting

Workplan, presented by Dr Sung Kim





Progress and future plans,
by Ms. GAO Ge




WMO RA-II WGH, Water Resources Assessment,
by Ms. Hwrin KIM




Discussion of activities and adjustment of working plan in theme area: "Flood forecasting",
by Dr. Sergey Borshch


Assessment of Changes in Climate Extremes
by Dr. Guoqing Wang




Hydrometric measurements with quality and accuracy,
by Dr .Youngsin Roh




Sediment Disasters and Mass Movement,
by Dr. Tai - Hoon Kim





Seventh Session of the World Water Forum (WWF7) Regional session on "Hydrological Services in Asia under Rapidly Changing Conditions"


Hydrological Services activities in Hydrology and Water Resources,
by Dr. Paul Pilon, WMO




Climate Change & Water Resources: Impact and adaptation in China,
by Dr. Guoqing Wang




Sediment Disasters and Mass Movement,
by Dr. Tai - Hoon Kim




Activities of the Hydrometeorological Service of Russia on the monitoring and forecasting of hydrological situation during the catastrophic flood in the basin of the Amur River in 2013,
by Dr. Sergey Borshch



Vision of Water Resources Assessment, provinding WRA Information,
by Ms. Hwrin KIM




WWF7 Asia-Pacific Regional Synthesis and Commitment Session, outcome statements from Regional session

Hydrological Services in Asia under Rapidly Changing Conditions





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