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Programme on Basic Systems in Hydrology

The objective of the Programme on Basic Systems in Hydrology (BSH) is to assist NHSs in the development and maintenance of their activities for the provision of data and products with an emphasis on quality assurance, thereby promoting the effective use of hydrological data and information in support of sustainable socio-economic development. It covers the collection, transmission and storage of hydrologic data and their analysis. It is designed to facilitate assessment and appreciation of the socio-economic benefits of hydrological data and information, provision of water-related services and the delivery of warnings. It helps enhance the NHSs’ capabilities and more effectively assess the quantity and quality of a country’s water resources, thereby facilitating rationalization of water management and the achievement of sustainable development. The Programme also promotes the sharing of information on water resources among countries.

One of the major activities under BSH is the implementation of the World Hydrological Cycle Observing System (WHYCOS). WHYCOS, through the implementation of  a series of regional projects components known as Hydrological Cycle Observing Systems (HYCOSs), each of them designed to meet regional needs and priorities within the framework of common guidelines and standards, supports the objective-driven collection, storage and dissemination of water-related data and information through international cooperation in technology transfer and capacity-building. It also supports IWRM activities in the Member countries for the sustainable development of water resources, enhancing cooperation in the management of water resources in shared basins  and contributing towards the implementation of global research programmes.

In the period 2008–2011 BSH activities will be especially focusing on the development of a quality management framework in hydrology through the preparation of further guidance and training material (also in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other similar organizations), support implementation of such methodologies in developing countries and encourage Members to adopt standard practices in hydrological data observation, collection, analysis and management. Product delivery and public awareness in hydrology and water resources form an important part of the Programme, thereby improving the ability of NHSs to provide products required by the community.

For more details on the plans for the implementation of BSH Programme see WMO Secretariat Operating Plan, p. 29.




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