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Terms of Reference (ToR)

The Commission for Hydrology shall be responsible for:

a.  Advisory activity in hydrology and water resources, including, but not limited to:

    • The measurement of basic variables characterizing the quantity and quality of water and sediment in the hydrological cycle;  
    • The acquisition of other related characteristics describing the properties of basins, rivers, and the inland water bodies; 
    • The collection, transmission, processing, storage, quality control - archiving, retrieval and dissemination of data and information; 
    • Hydrological forecasts and warnings, both under natural and accidental conditions; 
    • The development and improvement of methods and technology required for the items above; 
    • The application of water-related data and information to the assessment, effective management, and sustainable development of water resources and to the protection of society from hydrological hazards; 

b. Promoting and facilitating the international exchange of experience, transfer of technology, research uptake, education, and training and development to meet the needs of national Hydrological Services or other organizations fulfilling the functions of such Services including programme management and public awareness (e.g. through HOMS and other mechanisms); 

c. Promoting and facilitating the international exchange and dissemination of information, terminology, data, standards, forecasts and warnings; 

d. Promoting the collaboration and linkages among hydrology, meteorology, and environmental management; 

e. Raising awareness in the wider community of the social, economic and environmental significance of water, and promoting the role of hydrology in the mitigation of hydrological hazards and in the development and management of water; 

f. Supporting cooperation between WMO, IHP of UNESCO, IAHS and other governmental and non-governmental organizations on matters related to hydrology and water resources; 

g. Supporting and, where appropriate, taking the lead in, coordinating within WMO terrestrial water-related matters, including the activities of the regional associations' working group on hydrology.

General terms of reference:

As any of the eight technical commission of WMO, CHy, within its terms of responsibility as defined above, shall: 

1. Study and review advances in science and technology, keep Members informed and advise Congress, the Executive Council and other constituent bodies on these advances and their implications; 

2. Develop, for consideration by the Executive Council and Congress, proposed international standards for methods, procedures, techniques and practices in meteorology and hydrology including, in particular, the relevant parts of the Technical Regulations, guides and manuals;

3. Under the general guidance of Congress and the Executive Council, carry out functions - with other bodies as necessary ­ relating to the planning, implementation and evaluation of the scientific and technical programme activities of the Organization; 

4. Provide a forum for the examination and resolution of relevant scientific and technical issues; 

5. Promote training by assisting in the organization of seminars and workshops and in the preparation of related material and the development of other suitable mechanisms for the transfer of knowledge and methodology, including the results of research, between Members;

6. Promote international cooperation and maintain, through appropriate channels, close cooperation on scientific and technical matters with other relevant international organizations; 

7. Make such recommendations as it may consider necessary.




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