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Thirteenth session of the Commission for Hydrology (CHy-XIII)

The thirteenth session of the Commission for Hydrology was held from 4 to 12 November 2008 in Geneva. The Commission deliberated on a number of challenges that water sector in general and hydrological services in country face and decided on its work plan as given in the report of Chy-XIII. Work of the Commission is based on the voluntary technical contributions from the experts from the Member countries. The Members have nominated experts to take part in the work programme of the Commission as OPACHE members. They constitute the core of CHy team.

An e-Board has been established to facilitate Members of the Commission and the OPACHE members to participate actively in the activities of the Commission. You are invited to visit the e-board.

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All documents for the session were available on WMO ftp server. Members were invited to download these documents as no hard copies of the documents would have been sent to members unless specifically requested.

The conference room was equipped with power and internet sockets for laptop computers. In addition there was a wireless (wifi) system throughout the building for the use of delegates. Participants were encouraged to bring their laptops as there would have been only a limited number of hard-copies of documents available on request during the session.



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