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CHy-13 - President & Vice-President


Acting President of the Commission for Hydrology

Julius Wellens-Mensah, vice-president of CHy

Mr J. Wellens-Mensah
President of CHy

Mr Julius Wellens-Mensah

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Mr Julius Wellens-Mensah from Ghana is the Director of the Hydrological Service Department of Ghana. He graduated with an MSc Degree in Hydrology from the National University of Ireland in 1984 and has a long record of involvement with WMO. Among others Mr Wellens-Mensah has served the Commission as a member of the Advisory Working Group (AWG) for the inter-sessional period 2000 - 2004 and vice-president of CHy for the period 2004-2008.

Terms of reference of the president

  • To undertake the duties required of a president of a WMO technical commission in accordance with General Regulation 185;
  • To chair meetings, as required, within the above duties, including, for example, the CHy AWG, the WHYCOS International Advisory Group;
  • To represent CHy in the WMO system, in cooperation with other United Nations agencies, especially UNESCO, and at a range of other meetings, workshops and conferences;
  • To promote the recognition of, and increase awareness about, the role of WMO in hydrology and water resources;
  • To ensure that the activities of regional associations, and, in particular, the Regional Association Working Groups on Hydrology (RA WGHs) are coordinated within overall Commission activities and that there is effective communication between the Commission and the RA WGHs;
  • To monitor changes in the operation and management of NMHSs, including product delivery and public awareness in hydrology and water resources.

Vice-president of the Commission for Hydrology




Terms of reference of the vice-president


  • To assist the president of the Commission, as and when required;
  • To assist the AWG in fulfilling its duties as outlined in the Implementation Plan for HOMS or, as appropriate, its replacement;
  • To coordinate the editing and production of publications prepared on behalf of CHy;
  • To identify and lead actions with regard to the education and training requirements of the Commission's activities under the adopted Strategy on Education and Training for HWR and the QMF-Hydrology;
  • To monitor and report on the updating of INFOHYDRO;
  • To promote data rescue and protection and develop project proposal(s) in the light of the requirements report from the previous intersessional period;
  • To support the development and promotion of guidance material on the estimation of the economic benefits of hydrological services.



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