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CHy-14 - Theme Area 1
Quality Management Framework – Hydrology (QMF–Hydrology)

List of activities

  1. Continue implementing the project to assess the performance of flow measurement instruments and techniques against WMO standards commenced during the previous intersessional period;
  2. Compile, develop and disseminate guidance material on methods for evaluating the uncertainty associated with the measurement of hydrological variables;
  3. Provide background material to National Hydrological Services (NHSs) explaining why they should use standardized methods in their data collection;
  4. Facilitate the development of policies, frameworks and information sources to promote standardization/guidance of the most suitable equipment and technologies in order to achieve high levels of reliability, user knowledge training effectiveness and other economies of scale;
  5. Coordinate a review of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and other standards as used in hydrology and water resources and specify what the joint ISO/WMO standards will be, and how they will be established;
  6. Monitor and report on new technologies in hydrology and water resources and make recommendations for future actions in this regard;
  7. Review of material for the Technical Regulations (WMO-No. 49);
  8. Coordinate and promote the provision of guidance to NHSs for implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS), linked to WMO QMF, including the possible inclusion of case studies;
  9. Review and revise relevant HWRP documents (with no QMF logo) from a QMF perspective to add basics of operational hydrology; and
  10. Provide guidance material on the calculation of rating curves.


Expected outputs/outcomes – Contribution to WMO Expected Results 3

  1. Additional guidance and information on the quality and performance of flow measurement instruments and techniques;
  2. Additional guidance material for NHSs in the areas of Quality Management, uncertainty analysis, standardized methods and rating curves;
  3. Guidance on the development and adoption of joint ISO/WMO standards for hydrological purposes; and
  4. Up to date CHy Technical Regulations that are relevant to the roles and responsibilities of Members.




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