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CHy-14 - Theme Area 2
Data Operations and Management

List of activities

  1. Guide the implementation of CHy-14 Resolution 7/1 - Data Operations and Management;
  2. Monitor and report on new developments dealing with data management issues, such as observations, data exchange and protocols, data transfer formats, data information, WIS and WIGOS;
  3. Review progress with respect to the exchange of hydrological data and products, and if required propose additional guidance on data that should be exchanged, including harmonization of exchange practices; and protocols for the provision of information on data use, purposes, suitability and value back to data suppliers;


Expected outputs/outcomes – Contribution to WMO Expected Results 3 and 4

  1. Provision of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) with tools and techniques for the optimization of their hydrological data collection and related networks;
  2. Identification of hardware and, as appropriate, compilation of software to support the requirements of NHSs in hydrometry, including discharge measurement and estimation;
  3. Internationally agreed standards, formats and protocols for the transfer of hydrological data and information;
  4. Increased exchange of hydrological and related data at national, regional and international levels; and
  5. Guidance on improved methods of estimation of areal precipitation and other related hydrological variables.




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