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CHy-14 - Theme Area 3
Water Resources Assessment

List of activities

  1. Finalize the WRA Manual (surface and groundwater) including assessment of water availability and use as well as water resources for water deficit regions;
  2. Compile and document guidance on optimization as applied to hydrological networks (surface water, groundwater, soil moisture, etc.) (e.g. Geospatial Techniques);
  3. Develop approaches for continuous tracking of current water resources availability using appropriate information technology;
  4. Monitor and report on methodologies for the calculation of design discharge (including probable maximum flood) for hydraulic structures, taking into consideration climate variability and change, and make recommendations for future actions in this regard;
  5. Consider producing guidance material for determining adequate ranges of environmental flows that will maintain or achieve good ecological status in all water bodies along with guidance on formulating policies to make these determinations for water ecosystems management;
  6. Review and provide advice on how the Commission could contribute to the topic of water sharing/allocation, including the advantages and disadvantages of approaches and importantly, in what conditions/environments they may be more widely useful; and
  7. Undertake an investigation of modelling approaches to the characterization and prediction of water availability and use.

Expected outputs/outcomes – Contribution to WMO Expected Results 3

  1. The manual on Water Resources Assessment;
  2. The availability of tools and techniques for continuous tracking of current water resources availability;
  3. Revised guidance on determining design floods, including flood frequency analysis;
  4. Preparation of a comprehensive report on environmental flows (e-flows) including case studies;
  5. Improved guidance and advice on drought monitoring and management and design information for hydrological purposes;
  6. Guidance of approaches to water sharing/allocation; and
  7. Guidance on the methods for and benefits of prediction of water availability and use.




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