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CHy-14 - Theme Area 5
Water, Climate and Risk Management

List of activities

  1. Assist in the implementation of water-related initiatives within the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS) (CHy-14 Resolution 5/1), liaising as appropriate with the Joint Commission for Climatology/Commission for Agriculture Meteorology/CHy Expert Group on Climate, Food and Water (CCl/CAgM/CHy Expert Group on  Climate, Food and Water (JCEG-CFW), EC Working Group on Climate and related Water and Environmental Matters (EC-WG-CWE) ECWG-CWE, etc., and beyond WMO;
  2. Prepare a note/overview guidance material on how to use regional climate modelling (i.e. long-term climate scenarios) in strategic hydrological management;
  3. Prepare a comprehensive report on downscaling approaches for hydrological applications and their associated uncertainties, including commenting on existing case studies;
  4. Prepare a state-of-the-art report/bibliography on hydrological analysis and modelling approaches in data sparse conditions;
  5. Compile guidance and detailed procedures on essential steps in the analysis of vulnerability to water-related impacts, especially in relation to adaptation to climate variability and change; and
  6. Provide advice and guidance with respect to the availability of climate data and climate model results for undertaking impact studies in support of adaptation to climate variability and change.
  7. Compile case studies and provide guidance on extended hydrological prediction for water resources management including information on related climate drivers;

Expected outputs/outcomes – Contribution to WMO Expected Results 3

  1. Improved information on both the water sector contribution to and requirements from the GFCS;
  2. Guidance material on the use of regional climate modelling and thus improved strategic hydrological management;
  3. Increased knowledge and guidance on the approaches used in downscaling and the implications for hydrological modelling; and
  4. Guidance material that will enable improved water resources management in vulnerable situations.




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