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CHy Focus Area: Coordination and Implementation Support

The president of CHy, who is mandated by Congress to chair the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative-Advisory Group (FFI-AG) and the Global Hydrometry Support Facility (GHSF) Advisory Council, the vicepresident of CHy, and an AWG Member covering the role of “Project Facilitator”, will provide links to relevant partners in WMO and beyond, aiming to transform opportunities into concrete project actions, and ensuring that the issues supported by the Secretariat receive the necessary CHy guidance. They will be responsible for the following activities:

  1. RAs: ensure that the activities of regional associations, and, in particular, the Regional Association Working Groups on Hydrology (RA WGHs) are coordinated within overall Commission activities and that there is effective communication between the Commission and the RA WGHs;
  2. Capacity Development: identify and lead actions with regard to the education and training requirements of Commission activities under the adopted Strategy on Education and Training for HWR and the QMF–Hydrology. Consider developing opensource and community of practice solutions to promote the transfer of technology and knowledge management;
  3. APFM and IDMP: represent CHy, in concert with the relevant AWG member for hydrological applications, products and services, on the Advisory and Management Committees of APFM; and represent CHy on the Advisory Committee of the IDMP, as per the operational guidelines of the two programmes;
  4. WIS/WIGOS: represent CHy in ICG-WIGOS and coordinate the participation of relevant CHy experts in WIGOS and WIS expert teams;
  5. GFCS: represent CHy in the Task Teams on Operational and Resource Plan and Monitoring & Evaluation and liaise as necessary with the GFCS Secretariat (in cooperation with APFM/IDMP Technical Support Units) in matters relevant to hydrological contribution to/benefit from GFCS;
  6. GDPFS: oversee the process of designating global and regional hydrological centres (including negotiation and liaison with GloFAS/EFAS, UNESCO-IHP, GFP and others);
  7. Data Centres: establish a small task team to prepare a report with regard to the evolving role of GRDC, IGRAC and HYDROLARE, and liaise with the president of CCl with respect to the involvement of GPCC.





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