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CHy Focus Area: Measurement, Monitoring and Infosystems

The AWG members will, with support from OPACHE experts as required, be responsible for the following activities:

  1. WHOS: development and implementation of WHOS phase II, offering standardized web services, data hosting, archival, data rescue and dissemination, and relevant training, based upon data policies and adopted standards, and provide support to the GHSF functions related to WHOS;
  2. GHSF (including WHYCOS): serve as a member of the GHSF advisory council; provide technical guidance on WHYCOS activities to the GHSF office; support the hydrological services information platform and liaise with AWG members responsible for WHOS, Project X and Innovation and new data;
  3. Project X: Chair the Management Committee, finalize and test basic uncertainty analysis (UA) software, develop UA capacities for ADCP, including standardization of computation of discharge, discharge estimation via various techniques, and produce guidance documentation for calibration and performance testing, design of “regattas” for intercomparison of flow measurement instruments and techniques, ultimately supporting quantification of discharge uncertainties (with error bands at stated confidence levels);
  4. QMF-H: continue the development of relevant QMF-H guidance material, including training support material; deliver QMS training and guidance material to NHSs at all levels (measurements, monitoring, forecasting and related products) and promote adoption and appropriate implementation of QMS in NHSs;
  5. Networks: further develop guidance on hydrometric network optimization and prioritization of stations taking into account all users’ needs, including the modelling community; update recommendation on station density; also consider the possibility of promoting the concept of hydrological “heritage” stations;
  6. Innovation and new data: advise on calls for proposals and assess existing hardware and software issued by the Global Innovation Hub and other developers, with a view to their operational use in NHSs, including non-traditional data sources such as citizen observations, and remote sensing technologies including satellites. In this regard consider new developments and applications with respect to big data.





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