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Open Panel of CHy Experts (OPACHE)

Members of the Open Panels of CHy Experts (OPACHE) assist the Commission for Hydrology in its work in the following areas:


  1. Basic Systems
    Supporting the Quality Management Framework - Hydrology (QMF-Hydrology) and Data Operations and Management thematic areas.

  2. Water Resources Assessment
    Supporting the Water Resources Assessment thematic area.

  3. Hydrological Forecasting and Prediction
    Supporting the Hydrological Forecasting and Prediction thematic area.

  4. Water, Climate and Risk Management
    Supporting the Water, Climate and Risk Management thematic area.


The Terms of Reference for each OPACHE were adopted at the fourteenth session of the Commission for Hydrology (CHy-14).

Membership of an OPACHE is open to all experts. Each expert has to fill in a full Professional Information Form in electronic format. The application has to be approved by the Permanent Representative (PR) of the country of residence of the expert with WMO.

Participate in the work of an OPACHE



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