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WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative, first meeting of the Advisory Group

Geneva, 07 to 09 October 2013


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The objective of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative (WMO-FFI), established by WMO in 2003, is to “Improve the capacity of meteorological and hydrological services to jointly deliver timely and more accurate products and services required in flood forecasting and warning and in collaborating with disaster managers, active in flood emergency preparedness and response”. In 2011, the World Meteorological Congress (Cg) passed Resolution 15 (Cg-16) establishing the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative - Advisory Group (FFI-AG) with the objective to provide guidance and advice on the hydrological forecasting elements of a number of flood-related initiatives and programmes in progress under WMO programmes, and to provide broad-based support to improve collaboration between the meteorological and hydrological communities for improved flood forecasting related practices. The full text of Resolution 15 (Cg-16), including the Terms of Reference for the FFI-AG, is also included in the Annex I to the provisional agenda.


Expected Outcomes of the Meeting

The expected outputs from the meeting during its first constituent session are:

  1. Agreement on the scope of work and approach to be taken by the FFI-AG, within its ToR;
  2. Improve understanding of the current initiatives and activities undertaken in the framework of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative;
  3. Agreement on specific actions to be undertaken and a Workplan associated with these actions;
  4. Agreement on how the work of the FFI-AG should be undertaken including its outreach to Members, relevant Commissions, Technical Support Partners, and Development Partners (donors);

Conclusions and recommendations (including target audience), based on the presentations and discussions.



Meeting documents


Background documents





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