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Project on Delivery and Warnings of Hydrometeorological Hazards - Southern African Region

In 2009, the Memorandum of Understanding among WMO, US National Weather Service, USAID/OFDA, and the US Hydrologic Research Center was signed with the purpose of facilitating the implementation of the Flash Flood Guidance System (FFGS) project with global coverage.

Under this instrument, the Southern African Region Flash Flood Guidance System (SARFFGS) was implemented, with RSMC Pretoria acting as its Regional Centre. Coincident with these efforts, the Southern Africa Severe Weather Forecasting Development Project (SWFDP-SA) was also developed and implemented.

In early 2015, the partners agreed to undertake an additional project that would enhance inter-system linkages to improve accuracy, lead time, communication and dissemination of early warnings of extreme hydrometeorological hazards with appropriate lead times to reduce loss of lives and protect livelihoods and property and the environment in Southern African Region. A Project Brief was developed outlining the various project objectives and outlining in detail important aspects of the project including activities.

The overall plan called for two events, namely a Regional Technical Meeting to initiative the development of the system integration implementation plan, also referred to as a Roadmap, and the User/CONOPS Workshop. This second event was designed to obtain Disaster Risk Reduction user community input on warning requirements that are needed to promote and allow effective responses to be taken. The second aspect of this meeting was to begin the process of developing Concept of Operations Plans (CONOPS) for integrating programme linkages between the two systems.










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