Explanation of the criteria for classification and numbering of components C00.2.04
(JUN 00)
Explanation of the dates on the component's description



1.   Purpose and objectives

     To measure signals from various sensors and store the data into  integrated circuit (IC) memory card for off-line data processing.

2.   Description

     The Memory Card Logger is designed so that measured data can be stored  on an IC memory card and later analysed with a personal computer.

     As the logger is designed for low energy consumption, it can operate on  a battery pack (alkaline dry cell batteries) or on DC power if commercial  power (AC) is not available. Furthermore, long term data recording without  an AC power supply is possible due to one of the standard features of the  logger, an interval measuring mode by which the power is automatically  turned off during periods when measurements are not being made.

     Either thermocouple, resistance bulb, or DC voltage to each channel can  be selected for the input. A special terminal for inputting either  frequency or pulse is a standard feature. Also make-break signal  transmission for input and output can be selected at the time of ordering.  In addition to data storage on the IC memory card, printouts, such as list  printouts, can be carried out with the built-in printer.

     Setting can be carried out very easily with the keyboard on the front  panel, and setting contents stored on the IC card are easily recoverable.

     Products for the GP-IB and RS-232C communications functions are also  available (sold separately).

3.   Input

     The logger can record from up to 32 input points at an interval from 1  min. to 6 hours. The following types of input are available:

DC voltage:                               0-30mV, 300mV, 3V, 30V, and 1V-5V 
(Max. 32 points)

Thermocouple:                          Type R, S, B, K, E, J, T     
(Max. 16 points)

Measurement Resistance Bulb:  Pt 100 ohm, JPt 100 ohm     
(Max. 16 points)

Pulse:                                       0Hz-10Hz Max. count number is 29999     
(1 point)  

Frequency:                                1Hz-30000Hz     
(1 point)

Contact Points:                          ON/OFF     
(Max. 8 points)

4.   Output

     Data stored on an IC memory card, (Max 512 Kbyte), as a listing, on a  digital display or as a digital signal to GP-IB or RS-232C standards  (optional).

5.   Operational requirements and restrictions

     The logger requires a regulated power supply and the installation must  avoid vibration, high temperatures and humid conditions.

6.   Form of presentation

     A catalogue and instrument specifications are available.

7.   Operational experience

     About 30 sets were installed in Japan during 1999.

8.   Originator and technical support

     Yokogawa Denshikiki Co.,Ltd.

9.   Availability

     From the HOMS National Reference Centre for Japan.

10.  Conditions on use

     Hardware is for sale.


(First entered: 01 FEB 93 

Last updated: 21 APR 00)