Explanation of the criteria for classification and numbering of components     E09.2.02
(DEC 99)
Explanation of the dates on the component's description



1.   Purpose and objectives

     Collection and publication of long-term basic sediment records on streams to provide data for:

     (a) design and operation of reservoirs;
     (b) design of canals, diversion works, and drainage ditches;
     (c) prediction, evaluation and control of deposition in natural channel;
     (d) evaluation of erosion control measures;
     (e) design of treatment facilities for water supply;
     (f) improvement of fish habitat.

2.   Description

     Sediment sampling programs include: periodic measurement of suspended discharge by the depth integrating method of determining the average suspended sediment concentration in the cross-section; limited measurement of suspended sediment discharge by the point-integrating method for checking depth-integrated measurements and for determining particle-size distribution in the cross-section; individual suspended sediment samples at a selected vertical for determining the sediment concentration for the days when suspended sediment discharge measurements are not taken; periodic measurements of bed load discharge; periodic sampling of bed material reservoir sedimentation studies; and morphological studies.

3.  Input

     Not applicable.

4.  Output

     As in (2) above.

5.  Operational requirements and restrictions

     As in (2) above.

6.  Form of presentation

     Details available from following (hard-copy) literature:

     (a) "Instrumentation and Techniques in Sediment Surveying" by W.Stichling, Reprint
          Series No. 22,1969
     (b) "Sediment Surveys of Canada" by W. Stichling and T.F. Smith,1968;  
     (c) "Sediment Loads in Canadian Rivers" by W. Stichling, I.W.D.,Technical Bulletin No. 74,1974

7.  Operational experience

     Continuous sediment survey program initiated in 1961.

8.  Originator and technical support

     Water Survey of Canada
     Atmospheric Environment Service
     Environment Canada

9.  Availability

     From the HOMS National Reference Centre for Canada.

10.  Conditions on use



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