Explanation of the criteria for classification and numbering of components     E65.1.02
(MAY 99)
Explanation of the dates on the component's description



1.  Purpose and objectives

     Advice on the selection of sites and on field and analytical procedures for groundwater quality investigations.

2.   Description

     The success of groundwater quality investigations depends critically on a number of factors such as site selection, sampling procedures, and analysis techniques. Careful attention to these factors is needed to ensure that the results obtained are representative of the hydrogeological conditions, and fully comparable with each other. This component gives advice to groundwater hydrologists on these matters.

     The topics covered include: site selection, pumping procedures, obtaining samples, and analyses to be carried out. Descriptions are given of the investigations which are necessary for the evaluation of the 
groundwater quality as well as for determining hydrogeological conditions and interrelations. The extent of the investigation is determined by how the water raised is to be used (e.g. domestic water supply or mineral water), or by the investigation programme (e.g. assessment of man-made changes in the quality of groundwater, analysis of chemical constitution for general hydrogeological purposes).

3.  Input

     Not applicable.

4.  Output

     Not applicable.

5.  Operational requirements and restrictions

     Not applicable.

6.  Form of presentation

     Manual, available in English.

7.  Operational experience

     Used by the Hydrological Services of the Federal Republic of Germany.

8.  Originator and technical support

     DVWK (German Association for Water Resources and Land Improvement) working group on groundwater chemistry.

9.  Availability

     From the HOMS National Reference Centre for the Federal Republic of Germany.

10. Conditions on use

     Manual is for sale.


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Last updated: 12 SEP 88)