Explanation of the criteria for classification and numbering of components     F00.3.02
(JUN 00)
Explanation of the dates on the component's description



1.   Purpose and objectives

     To carry out effective river management by collecting information about rivers and dams promptly and exactly.

2.   Description

     Computers and dedicated radio links are connected to provide online real-time data communications. At the master station, which is in the flood-forecasting centre, the received data are printed and displayed.

     Data and processed data can be transmitted to the headquarters as required.

3.   Input

     Analogue (through A-D converter) or digital sensors can be interfaced to the network.

4.   Output

     Data on visual display, hard copy, or magnetic media.

5.   Operational requirements and restrictions

     Installation and maintenance of the system requires qualified technicians.

     On-site radio set power can be obtained from batteries charged by solar cells.

     Data transmitted must be adaptable to a standardized data format.

6.   Form of presentation

     Documents on the operation of the system are available.

7.   Operational experience

     System in use by the Ministry of Construction of Japan for 8 river basins since 1975.

8.   Originator and technical support

     Electricity and Telecommunication Division, Ministry of Construction.

9.   Availability

     From the HOMS National Reference Centre for Japan.

10.  Conditions on use

     Documentation available, hardware is for sale.

(First entered: 16 JAN 81

Last updated: 16 JUN 81)