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1.   Purpose and objectives

     To provide rainfall information and data analyses to enable better management of climate variability. The package is suitable for use by primary producers, business, policy makers and students.

2.   Description

     A software package to analyse the relationship between rainfall, the Southern oscillation Index (SOI) and sea surface temperature (SST). The package will display historical rain data as tables, graphs or maps;  calculate chances of daily, monthly and seasonal rain; show data as scatter plots, box plots and bar charts; use SOI and SST to forecast seasonal rain, daily rainfall events, dry periods and effective rain at a location; assess the frequency of major, extended and seasonal droughts; show chances of frost, heat-waves and planting opportunities.

     The package contains Australian data however facilities are provided for users to enter their own data, thus making it relevant to other countries. The next version of the package, due for release in mid 2001, will include streamflow data and streamflow specific analyses such as pumping days.

3.   Input

     All data are stored within a data base maintained by the software package. User provided rainfall data can be entered via the keyboard or input via ASCII files prepared in a predefined format. The software and data provided as part of the package are supplied on CD-ROM.

4.   Output

     Output is predominantly in the form of screen displays. Output may also be optionally cut and pasted to other Windows based programs such as word processors or be printed.

5.   Operational requirements

     The minimum computer system configuration recommended is:

     Pentium 90 MHz
     16 MB of RAM
     CD-ROM drive
     8OOx6OO display with thousands of colours
     Windows 95, 98 or NT

6.   Form of presentation

     The package consists of:

     -  a CD-ROM containing the software and data;
     -  a 'Getting Started' booklet;
     -  the interactive multi-media book 'Will it Rain' which explains the 
        El Niño Southern Oscillation and its effects on weather patterns, 
        crops and grass growth. This material focuses on Australia;
     -  interactive tutorials for seasonal forecasting for decisions in 
        agriculture and in business, case studies and workshop material and 
        educational material for colleges and schools.

7.   Operational experience

     Familiarity with the user interface of standard Windows software packages and an understanding of basic statistical terms would be an advantage.

8.   Originator and technical support

     Queensland Department of Primary Industries (See below). Training courses and technical support are not available outside Australia.

9.   Availability

     The software package may be obtained from the following address:

     Queensland Centre for Climate Applications                     Phone: +61-7-46881200
     Department of Primary Industries                                     Fax:   +61-7-46881477
     PO Box 102                                                                  Email:
     Toowoomba QLD 4350                                                   WWW:

     The cost of the package in 2005 is as follows:

     Standard Edition                 A$ 125
     Educational Edition             A$ 125
     Professional Edition            A$ 450

     A brochure describing the package and explaining the differences between the three versions is available from the above address or the HOMS Reference Centre for Australia.

10.  Conditions on use



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