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Subsections & Components

C00 - General
C00.2.04 IC memory card data logger
C00.2.05 Rainfall logger
C00.3.04 Data logger
C00.3.05 Precision turbidity recording meter
C09 - Sediment load
  No component presently available
C10 - Suspended load
  No component presently available
C12 - Bed load
C12.1.01 Chanjang bed-load sampler
C25 - General meteorological data; Climate and weather station
C25.1.01 Catalogue of meteorological instruments
C27 - Precipitations, manual and storage gauges
C27.1.02 Manual raingauge
C27.1.03 Daily rain gauge
C30 - Precipitations, recording and telemetering gauges
C30.3.01 ALERT rain gauge 
C30.3.04 Recording rain gauge
C30.3.05 Tipping bucket rainfall gauge
C30.3.06 Rain and snow gauge
C33 - Precipitations, measurement by radar
C33.3.01 Radar raingauge system
C33.3.02 Dual-polarization radar system
C35 - Air temperature
C35.1.01 Double-louvered thermometer screen
C46 - Evaporation, pans and tanks
C46.1.02 Evaporation pan
C46.1.03 Class A evaporation pan
C53 - Snow, depth and water equivalent
C53.1.02 Laser snow depth gauge
C53.1.03 Acoustic snow depth gauge
C58 - Soil moisture, nuclear methods
  No component presently available
C60 - Soil moisture, electrical methods
  No component presently available
C62 - Soil moisture, tensiometers
  No component presently available
C65 - Groundwater, level
  No component presently available
C67 - Groundwater, borehole loggers
C.67.2.01 SENSA electromagnetic borehole flow meters
C68 - Groundwater, quality
C68.2.01 Permanent electrode systems for groundwater quality monitoring
C71 - Water level or stage
C71.2.10 Float type water level gauge 
C71.3.01 ALERT river level (float-type) station
C71.3.09 Pressure type water level gauge
C71.3.10 Acoustic water level gauge 
C71.3.11 Quartz type water level gauge
C71.3.13 Crystal quartz water level gauge 
C71.3.14 Digital water level meter
C73 - Stream discharge, flumes, weirs, ultrasonic and electro-magnetic methods
  No component presently available
C79 - Water velocity, current meters or floats
C79.2.06 Radio water current meter 
C79.2.07 Electro-magnetic water current meter
C79.2.08 Acoustic current measurement system
C79.2.09 SENSA electromagnetic open channel flow meters
C85 - River gauging, general
  No component presently available
C86 - River gauging, cableways
C86.1.01 Overhead float thrower 
C86.2.01 Technical standard for measuring river flow and sediment by hydrometric cableway
C88 - River gauging, cranes, bridge frames, whinches and reels
C88.1.01 Portable river gauging winch 



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