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Subsections & Components

E00 - General
Hydrological observation explained in pictures
E05 - Water quality
E05.2.03 Water quality analytical methods manual 1979
E09 - Sediment
E09.2.01 Field methods for measurements of fluvial sediment
E09.2.02 Sediment surveys 
E09.2.04 Fluvial sediment concepts
E25 - Meteorological observations for hydrology
E25.1.04 AES guidelines for co-operative climatic autostations
E53 - Snow and ice, glaciology
E53.1.04 Snow survey
E55 - Soil moisture
E55.2.01 Use of the neutron probe for soil moisture measurement
E65 - Groundwater
E65.1.02 Sampling groundwater for hydrogeological investigations
E70 - Surface water, level and flow
E70.1.02 Manual on procedures in operational hydrology, volume I-V
E70.1.06 The instrumentation of flat low-lying catchments
E70.2.01 General field and office procedures for indirect discharge measurements
E70.2.02 Measurement of peak discharge by the slope-area method
E70.2.03 Measurement of peak discharge at culverts by indirect methods
E70.2.04 Measurement of peak discharge at width contractions by indirect methods
E70.2.07 A guide to slope-area discharge gauging in mountain rivers 
E70.2.08 Manual for water gauging and discharge measurement 
E70.3.01 Software Q: A program package for evaluating and managing discharge data on DOS computers
E71 - Water level
  No component presently available
E73 - Discharge measurement, dilution gauging
E73.2.02 Fluorometric procedures for dye tracing
Measurement of time of travel and dispersion in streams by dye tracing 
E73.2.04 Determination of stream reaeration coefficients by use of tracers
E73.2.05 Measurement of discharge using tracers
E79 - Velocity measurement, use of current meters
E79.1.02 Correction of observed depth for angle of sounding line
E88 - Surveying
E88.1.01 Levelling



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