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Subsections & Components

G05 - Standards, manuals and recommendations
  No component presently available
G06 - Systems for storing general hydrological data
G06.2.01 Software for archiving and retrieving time-dependent data (TIDEDA)
G06.2.03 HYDSYS - time series data management software
G06.3.02 HYDATA - hydrological database and analysis system
G06.3.04 HYMOS - database management and processing system for hydro-meteorological quality and quantity data
G06.3.05 Data base package for hydrological and meteorological data (DAWACO)
G06.3.06 The System of Hydrology
G08 - Surface water or river data storage systems
  No component presently available
G10 - Groundwater data storage systems: Levels, waterchemistry, well yields and flows
  No component presently available
G12 - Meteorological data storage systems
  No component presently available
G14 - Water quality data storage systems
G14.3.02 HYQUAL - Water quality database
G20 - General hydrological data tabulation programmes
  No component presently available
G30 - Information or data disseminations systems
G30.3.01 Information system for water management (REGISPRO)
G35 - Geographical information systems (GIS)
G35.3.01 Georeferenced information processing system - SPRING
G40 - Transfert of data between authorities, standards, recommendations, manuals and methods of coding
  No component presently available



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