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Subsections & Components

I00 - General
  No component presently available
I05 - Water quality data
  No component presently available
I09 - Sediment transport data
I09.3.01 Correction to the annual load of measured suspended sediment
I26 - Precipitation data
I26.1.07 Analysis of digitized raingauge records
I26.2.06 Allowance for discretization in hydrological and environment risk estimation
I26.3.03 Mean areal precipitation (NWSRFS-MAP)
I26.3.04 RAINMAN - Rainfall information for better management
I36 - Airborne pollution
I36.3.02 Regional sulphur deposition model
I45 - Evaporation, general
I45.1.03 Computing shallow lake evaporation using Class A pan data
I50 - Evaporation, computation from meteorological measurements
  No component presently available
I53 - Snow data
  No component presently available
I60 - Water balance
  No component presently available
I73 - Discharge data
I73.3.01 REMUS : Reconstitution of missing data by regression
I80 - Low flows
I80.2.03 The low flow frequency analysis package (LFA)
I80.2.04 Program "LOWSTATS" - Low flow statistical package
I80.2.05 Program "DROUGHT" - Estimation of the probability of occurrence of N-month droughts
I81 - Floods and flood frequency analysis
I81.2.02 The consolidated frequency analysis (CFA) package
I81.2.03 Flood flow frequency analysis
I81.2.05 HFA: Hydrological frequency analysis
I81.2.08 Annual flood frequency analysis (PEAKFQ)
I81.2.09 WINFAP - Hydrological frequency analysis package
I81.3.01 Guidelines for Flood Frequency Analysis Long Measurement Series of River Discharge



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