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Subsections & Components

K10 - Regional analysis
K10.1.04 Methods of hydrological basis comparison
K10.2.04 Regional analyses of streamflow characteristics
K10.2.05 Regionalization of flow duration curves (REGFLOW)
K10.2.06 Reservoir flood estimation
K10.2.07 Regional flood estimation methods for developing countries
K15 - Site-specific flood studies
K15.1.01 Design flood estimation using historical flood data in frequency analysis
K15.1.02 Methods for computing design floods
K15.1.04 Hydrologic and hydraulic procedures for flood plain delineation
K15.2.01 Techniques for estimation of probable maximum precipitation
K15.2.02 Expected annual flood damage computation (EAD) (761-X6-L7580)
K15.3.02 Dam-break flood model (DAMBRK)
K22 - Rainfall-runoff simulation models
K22.1.01 Runoff calculation by the storage function method
K22.1.03 Tabular method for determining peak discharge
K22.1.04 SITES Water resource site analysis computer program
K22.1.06 Engineering field manual for soil and water conservation practices
K22.1.07 Graphical method for determining peak discharge
K22.1.10 The unitgraph lumped technical review and analysis model (ULTRA)
K22.1.11 Unit hydrograph (DCUH)
K22.2.02 Flood hydrograph package (HEC-1)
K22.2.07 Aggregated runoff from small catchments based on stochastic representation of storm events
K22.2.09 The basin storage and water balance analysis package (BSTOR)
K22.2.10 Hydrological rainfall runoff model (HYRROM)
K22.2.11 Unit hydrographs and component flows from rainfall, evaporation and streamflow data (PC IHACRES)
K22.2.12 Non-linear rainfall runoff model - URBS
K22.3.01 Urban rainfall-runoff model (SWMM)
K22.3.02 Computer program for project formulation - Hydrology (TR-20)
K35 - Streamflow simulation and routing
K35.1.04 Computation of water-surface profiles in open channels
K35.1.05 Numerical solutions of the non-linear Muskingum method
K35.2.03 Lag and K routing (NWSRFS-LAG/K)
K35.2.06 Water-surface profile computation model (WSPRO)
K35.2.09 Interior Flood Hydrology (HEC-IFH)
K35.3.06 River Analysis System (HEC-RAS)
K35.3.13 Branch-network dynamic flow model (BRANCH)
K35.3.14 Flow model for a one dimensional system of open channels based on the diffusion analogy (DAFLOW)
For additional components modelling estuary flows with temperature and salinity distribution see also subsections K54 Water temperature studies, and K55 Water quality studies.
K45 - Routing through reservoirs and lakes
  No component presently available
K54 - Water temperature studies
  No component presently available
K55 - Water quality studies
K55.1.01 Estimating contaminant loads in rivers
K55.1.02 Integration and Coupling of Hydrological Models with Water Quality Models: Applications in Europe
K55.2.01 Graphical and interactive software for detecting trends
K55.2.04 Transport model for a one dimensional system of open channels (BLTM)
K55.2.06 Modelling faecal coliform concentrations in streams
K55.3.04 Mathematical model for two dimensional salinity distribution in estuaries
K55.3.05 Environmental (water quality) information software (RAISON/GEMS)
K55.3.07 PC-QUASAR - Quality simulation along rivers
K65 - Sediment studies
K65.2.02 Scour and deposition in rivers and reservoirs (HEC-6)
K70 - Design and evaluation of water resource projects
K70.1.01 Storm drainage
K70.1.02 Modern irrigation technologies for smallholders in developing countries
K70.1.03 Productive water points in dryland areas
K70.2.01 CRIWAR 2.0 - A simulation model on crop irrigation water requirements
K70.2.02 Assessment of small-scale hydropower resources - HydrA
K70.3.01 BASCAD - Design and evaluation of level basin irrigation
K75 - Design and operating policies of reservoirs
K75.2.05 Operational control rules based on components
K75.3.02 Simulation of flood control and conservation systems (HEC-5)



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